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Summary of the project


I declare : ASSIGNMENT OF PARTIES IN CERTIFICATES SOCIAL CONTRIBUTION " Bagoso , SC CV of R.L. COOPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMITED LIABILITY CAPITAL VARIABLE "Y" CASTER AND UNION COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION "SC CV of R.L. A NAME AND CASTER benefit of Mr. ANTONIO VALLARTA , and including its managing partners , each in their own right , as well as THE EXTENSION OF SOCIAL PURPOSE of this society in accordance with the following clauses:

FIRST . - . The new holders of certificates of contribution unanimously agree on extending the social order, in the order and with the following additions

a) The members integrate a UNION AND ASSOCIATION as owners of large tracts of land, Industrialized Agricultural Ranches, Livestock, Mining, Timber/Lumber, and Resin with private ownership Titles. All are good for planting and harvesting crops and industrial basic grains, pastures, trees, and cattle breeding.

b ) The Union ASSOCIATION AND AGRICULTURAL , LIVESTOCK , MINING , WOOD , AND INDUSTRIAL RESINERA ; bind with CASTER INDUSTRIES LTD LORD through ANTONIO CASTER VALLARTA in partnership with Land and properties. These properties are located in the plains in northern Chihuahua, in the municipalities of Coyame , Flores Magon and Villa Ahumada , just 120 kilometers from El Paso , Texas.

c) This area is located between the hills, ridges through which pass the free road, highway, rail, pipeline line and power lines, ranging from Chihuahua to Ciudad Juárez and other lines going well and Ranchos Neighbors peoples.

d) In these plains there is a 70% flat and fertile soil for agriculture, livestock and greenhouse construction, 30% of which are for Irregular Land planting trees, pastures and livestock rearing.

e) Speaking of hills-Cordilleras, all have open, a very high percentage of iron combined with other minerals such as Gold, Silver, Copper and Zinc, among others.

f) The owners of these properties and CASTER INDUSTRIES SA of C.V. are joined through the Union and Association to complement and perform Caster project. Remaining as President, CEO and Sole Negotiator Union and association; himself President and CEO Mr. Antonio Caster Vallarta.

g) This Union and Partnership may attach additional properties, but you can not withdraw any for sale individually or in small portions. It has to be industrialized whole complete package for the convenience of the owners of the company, the state and the PROJECT CASTER.

h) To protect and promote the Union and Association properties can not be negotiated or sold by another party or for any other project. Caster Industries , Inc. of CV , and this " UNION COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION " . WITH MORE THAN 2 , 000,000 ; ( TWO MILLION ACRES = 20 , 000, 000,000 M2 ) FOR THIS PROJECT AGRICULTURAL , LIVESTOCK , MINING , LOGGER , AND INDUSTRIAL resinero ; undertake to carry out the project CASTERINC . carried out or if Caster Industries , Inc. of C.V. I WANT to sell these properties have a firm cost, so already agreed to $ 1.00 (One Dollar x M2) , which will be financed solely to Caster Industries , SA of C.V. for years and previously agreed for settlement , provided only 2.5 % down payment in advance and the remaining Titles registered to CASTER INDUSTRIES SA of CV This proposal , credit or debt is not for investors or anyone else . It is solely for the portion of Caster. CASTER INDUSTRIES SA of C.V. Caster partners, UNION ASSOCIATION undertake POCECION DELIVER THE PROPERTY ; put this property deeds and titles INDUSTRIES A CASTER name only with the commitment of 25 to 45% for Humanitarian Purposes + payment or transfer of title deed . ON BEHALF OF CASTER INDUSTRIES SA of C.V.

i) " THE UNION AND ASSOCIATION " owners of these lands are associated by a percentage and price of the property, with CASTER , I Lagging written , settled and signed that now associated with Caster , these properties are exclusively for Caster project.


All together and the same time

Caster plan for interdependent projects use natural resources, location, weather, road and rail are through these properties to ensure that businesses are successful, an advantage in the market to competition.

The initial project is a package of more than (two million acres) that make the UNION COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION AND MORE THAN A 200 = Agricultural and Livestock Ranch. For more information visit Ranches-Land.

Agricultural and Livestock projects + 17 industrial projects. For more information visit Synthesis.

IRON ORE MINES OPEN. Iron ore open pit mine Monte generate revenue in the first year. +3000-7000 Acres of mineral-including: Iron, Gold, Silver, Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Marble and Other.

While some or many of the projects could start at any moment and Caster financiers have decided to begin with the mining project. Iron Ore Mine open pit will generate immediate income because that will further enhance the development of the project. For more information visit La FortunaFinancial Doc.

Some advantages of this location and resourses lands include:
- 70 % of flat land greenhouses , crops and industry
- 30 % of irregular land for raising livestock and planting trees and grassland
- Identified sources of groundwater for bottled water
- 372,000 hectares of trees : for sale Resin and carbon credits
- Climates of plant growth throughout the year , two crops a year.


Preparation of land

After the development of Iron Ore Mine Open Pit and Rail For Delivery , Fast and Large Generating Jobs and Income. For the early development of agricultural land in preparation for planting , Planning and Clearing, Grading , Drilling Irrigation Water , Droughts - diches Construction , Building Fences for livestock pens and other improvements such as greenhouses . Each project will lead the next project preparation for full production.

Livestock Project. For more information visit Livestock.

Agriculture Project. For more information visit Agriculture.

Resin Project. For more information visit Crude ResinFinancial Project.


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