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The objective of Caster Industries is very profitable and self-sustaining businesses that will fund humanitarian causes for many generations to come.
Caster Industries is committed to having humanitarian initiatives be at the forefront of all projects. Caster Industries will accomplish this by involving legal agreements for all joint ventures to ensure that 25 to 45 % profits go to humanitarian initiatives.

It is our mission to benefit the greatest number of people by creating successful relationships for each project to further benefit humanitarian initiatives.
Caster Industries has a vision of using area specific natural resources, green technology, and environmentally safer alternatives in the structure of the world's largest humanitarian enterprise.


Project Summary.

Caster has a unique and expansive business plan that utilizes of many natural resources on more than two million hectares of land in Chihuahua, Mexico. This plan combines a series of multi-faceted, interlocked businesses that will be constructed on the more than two million hectares of land. These initiatives are groundbreaking and will serve as a template for other countries to do the same.
Caster Industries will commence projects that will generate vast amounts of humanitarian funding for many future decades and possibly indefinitely. Caster is committed to bringing joint venture partners to the table with an equity plan for each business. Each business plan will advance everyone, including the people in need, citizens, landowners, joint venture partners, and humanitarian initiatives alike.
Caster Industries has working relationships ensuring a supportive political climate and a mutually beneficial working relationship that will enhance the entire Caster Industries humanitarian and for-profit initiatives.

The Caster humanitarian initiatives will:
- Create thousands of jobs, including blue-collar and white-collar
- Support existing and new businesses
- Provide housing and commerce
- Ensure medical and educational facilities
- Increase the standard of living by providing sustainable options
- Assist humanitarian initiatives by supporting independent agencies in both Mexico and other countries.



Caster will offer employment from ground level entry to highly skilled opportunities at competitive rates. It is Caster Industries' directive to provide opportunities for people.


Guiding Principles

Caster is devoted to ensuring that this series of projects are preset for success. His guiding light is the belief that this venture will make a difference for those in need both in Mexico and worldwide. He has spent countless hours (years) planning and negotiating this process. Much consideration has been given to the terrain, the natural resources and the climate. Year round growing, mining, construction are all conducive to profitable enterprises.

Caster Industries will further their humanitarian commitment/contribution by:
- Ensuring Infrastructure
- Ensuring other humanitarian causes
- Sponsoring further social and economic programs
- Working with humanitarian investments, returning up to 45% of the proceeds of the sale of domestic products
- Bring in further joint venture partners to develop the land for further projects.


Migration Solution.

All of our projects will encourage in-migration (people moving within their own country and/or returning to it) as opposed to out-migration (people leaving the country) for employment opportunities to feed their families. With the employment gained within Mexico, there will be significant and ongoing humanitarian initiatives not only in Mexico, but also in other countries. We will ensure water, medical, food, and other necessities to the beneficiaries.


Contact Us

USA: 920 569 64 68

Mex: 52 55 35 40 82 20

E-mail: tony@casterinc.com

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